Handling The Toes Peeling And Removing Water?

Illustration of Handling The Toes Peeling And Removing Water?
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Hello. R n r nDok my mother has skin so her toes peel off all, the pain is about 3 weeks / 1mth sometimes my mom feels itchy then when my mom walks her fingers it secretes water, mama I don’t want to take it to the doctor, I’m afraid he said have a serious illness, think the doctor can help my question Thank you very much 🙂

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Hi araaaa,

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The foot is a part of the body that often goes unnoticed. In fact, foot health is very important to maintain because these feet are often in contact with dirty environments, are exposed to excessive friction, support significant body weight, and so on.

Feet that feels itchy, peeling, and watery can occur due to various factors, including:

Seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that causes oily skin areas to become red, dandruff, scaly, and itchy)
Xerosis (dry skin)

Tinea pedis (foot fungal infection)

Cutaneous Candidiasis (yeast infection Candida sp.)

Psoriasis (chronic skin inflammation due to an autoimmune disorder that causes the skin to regenerate excessively, resulting in thickening, peeling, and scarring)
Allergic or irritant contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with an allergic or irritant substance)
Erithema multiforme (skin rash caused by type IV hypersensitivity reactions that are often triggered by infection or drug side effects), etc.

Instead, give your mother the understanding that she is not afraid to check her complaint directly to the doctor. With direct examination, the doctor can certainly identify the cause of the disease and handle it appropriately, so that complaints do not drag on and spread or get worse. Diagnosis is difficult to do without direct examination.

In the meantime, help your mother maintain the health and cleanliness of her feet, by diligently washing them after every activity, choosing clean and comfortable footwear to use, trimming her nails, and using a pelebab to keep them from drying out. Avoid excessive scratching or peeling off the itchy and peeling skin of the feet to prevent infection and irritation. Maintain your immune system by consuming healthy and nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and avoiding taking drugs carelessly.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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