Handling Thrush On The Lips More And More?

Illustration of Handling Thrush On The Lips More And More?
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Morning dokkkk … Sorry to ask .. I came back to the village because the air in the cold village my lips like getting sprue so, but how come the number is increasing dokkk … this sprue is allergic huh dokkk?

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Hello Febri, Thank you for the question.

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system reacts wrongly to things that should not harm the body by producing a number of chemicals including histamine in the body which then causes symptoms. Some symptoms of allergic reactions are biduran, sneezing, runny nose, itchy and swollen lips, itchy eyes, swollen, runny, coughing, difficulty breathing, palpitations, abdominal pain, vomiting. Thrush is not a symptom of an allergic reaction.

Thrush can be caused by several of the following conditions:

injuries to the oral cavity tissue for example due to being bitten, brushing teeth, using braces
virus infection
vitamin B12 and iron deficiency
Crohn's disease
side effects of drugs
side effects of consuming spicy foods and caffeinated drinks
side effects of the use of toothpaste containing sodium laurel sulfate
quit smoking
high stress level

You can do the following suggestions:

avoid things that can trigger discomfort or pain. Please consume soft or liquid foods. You can use a straw to consume drinks
avoid consuming spicy, hard and caffeinated beverages
meet the needs of body fluids by consuming water at least 2-3 liters per day
be careful when brushing your teeth
gargle with warm salt water or with an antiseptic mouthwash
manage stress well

In general, canker sores will heal by themselves without medical treatment within 1-2 weeks. However, if after 2 weeks, this complaint does not improve, please consult with your doctor for further examination and treatment.

I hope this helps.

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