Handling Twins Born Prematurely?

Hello Wr.Wb. I want to ask? I have twin nephews who give birth 26 weeks a week of 600gr and 700gr of bb and are now being treated in the NICU room, I want the doctor to provide a solution so that my nephew can be as healthy as a normal baby. Thank you. Hello Wr.Wb.

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In general, twin pregnancy does have more risks than a single fetal pregnancy. Both during pregnancy to childbirth, in addition to risks to the mother such as nausea or vomiting in early pregnancy is more severe, body weight becomes heavier than a single baby pregnancy, more at risk of developing preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, labor is also more difficult and likely high to do a cesarean section on twins.

In addition, twins are also more at risk of developing growth problems, although this can also be experienced by a single baby, but in twins one baby is more at risk of developing growth problems because other babies get more blood intake than babies who experience this disorder and things this is more likely to occur in identical twin pregnancies because both babies get a flow of nutrients from one placenta.

Premature birth is another risk when pregnant with twins. Premature birth is a baby birth that occurs before 37 weeks of gestation. The final weeks of pregnancy are important for the growth of the fetus, especially the lungs and brain, and for this reason babies born prematurely need more intensive care than babies born according to the age of the womb. This is done to ensure that babies born prematurely can achieve more optimal development and growth related to the organs in their body so that when they have been treated at home, these babies can grow well and minimize the risk of more severe. Babies born prematurely also generally have a small body weight or less than ideal body weight at birth. Normally the baby's body weight is said to be normal around 2500 grams - 4000 grams. Complications that may occur in infants with low birth weight due to premature include such as breathing problems, eating disorders, increased risk of infection, low sugar levels / hypoglycemia, etc.

Babies born with a low body weight must be kept warm because these babies are more at risk or are more prone to hypothermia (body temperature below normal / low) compared to babies born with normal weight. For this reason it is necessary to conduct intensive care at the NICU. In this special care room the baby will be placed in an incubator that keeps his body temperature warm and protects the baby from infections in the surrounding environment, besides strict monitoring of his condition and the provision of nutrients according to his needs. Treatment at the NICU will usually be carried out until the baby's weight increases and is declared sufficient to be treated at home.

Some things that need to be considered when caring for babies with low birth weight include the factors of cleanliness, nutrition and fluids to be important points to consider, - - give milk on schedule. not advised to give any food other than breast milk or formula milk (which has been recommended by a pediatrician) in the first 6 months of the baby's age.
- make sure the mother to frequently touch skin with the baby, this can help warm the baby's body, provide comfort to the baby, and help in increasing the baby's weight.
- monitor baby's growth and development. be sure to monitor the growth and weight gain and development of the baby on a regular basis.

You can also consult with a pediatrician regarding the care of twins with a history of premature birth and low birth weight. The most important thing is to immediately contact the nearest health service if there are things that are felt to be related to the child's condition.

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