Handling When Cholesterol Is High At The Age Of Under 30 Years?

Good morning doctor, I’m Laeny, 29 years old. Two days ago, I took a blood test to determine cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and gout. I thought everything was normal because I was young, did not smoke, had not eaten dinner and ate once a day, ate fruit often with physical activity, and even tended to be thin because I could lose weight to nearly 13 kg two years and managed to maintain my weight. I’m 153 cm tall and 52 kg bb. But the results were shocking, my cholesterol could be 220 mg. Surprisingly, my uric acid was normal 3,3, blood sugar at 139 mg / dl, and blood pressure 84/59 mm / Hg. After I googling it is true that my high cholesterol characteristics start from the heart such as pressure, palpitations, tingling. My question is, what’s wrong? Is it genetic because my grandparents also got it, but when I was older and my mother was an adult. Eating delicious buffet too often, at most once a week. I’m confused how can it be weird that high cholesterol is low but uric acid? Even though it’s usually the same as high cholesterol and people with high cholesterol are usually obese. I already bought vitamin pmega 3 and oat because of the word internet, food to deal with high cholesterol. So what other steps should I take? I plan to change my eating style, including minimizing meat, even using brown rice, oats, and omega 3 for six months to check the latest cholesterol development. Are the steps I have taken correct or too long? Please respond. Thanks

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Hello Laeny, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Cholesterol can basically be divided into several types which in certain calculations will produce figures in the form of total cholesterol. High total cholesterol can not be used to determine which type of cholesterol has increased so it is less able to determine the most appropriate therapy.

In addition, it should also be noted that an increase in cholesterol also does not always occur in people who are obese or must be aged over 30 years. Genetic variations in a person also has a role in the metabolism of a person, including in fat metabolism, so it is possible for people who appear to have ideal body weight to have high cholesterol values. Increased age itself contributes to the increased disruption of fat metabolism and the formation of fat plaque in blood vessels. Certain diseases can also cause abnormalities in the form of high cholesterol values ​​such as thyroid disorders, liver disorders or kidney disorders.

Similarly, gout, blood pressure and blood sugar. An increase in blood cholesterol does not have to be accompanied by an increase in uric acid, blood pressure or blood sugar. If all of these things accompany, then it can be said that the person has various metabolic disorders in the body.

The complaint that you read on the internet is not a symptom of high cholesterol, because generally this condition does not cause any complaints to cause interference with certain organs such as disorders of the heart (heart attack) or stroke. If you often experience complaints that you read it is a good idea when you do a general check up to determine whether there are other problems that you experience.

Omega 3 is indeed included in one good source of cholesterol that you can actually get from various food sources such as olive oil, salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, oysters, walnuts and soybeans. The changes in food and eating patterns that you are asking are good enough, but it is far better to be accompanied by exercising and managing your eating schedule.

Therapy for high cholesterol itself is quite complicated, so it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and plan a therapy that best suits your condition to be carried out routinely so that you can get cholesterol values ​​that are on target should be according to your risk.

I hope this helps.

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