Handling When Experiencing Baby Blues?

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, I gave birth to a Cesar, although my Cesar’s milk came out heavily and a lot … My newborn child was helped by Formula milk every time I was given milk the day after giving birth I tried breastfeeding because my first child was awkward …, and my child couldn’t wait to feed. ..pas my Susuin my child kept crying then my parents-in-law immediately took my child and told him to make Formula milk at that time I was sad and depressed because I wanted to make breastfeeding a very big child until finally my child was confused nipples and I was trying to breastfeed directly obstructed by in-laws me and hasten me to make formula milk because my child who keeps crying … This sad and depressed feeling until now my child is 7 months old still feels … I love to cry, upset, sorry and feel useless as a mother … especially look at mothers who breastfeed their children as well as healthy children … According to the doctor I have to …

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Hello mom,

Almost every mother wants to give ASI to her child. But in reality, breastfeeding is often not as easy as one might imagine. Babies need to get used to breastfeeding and learn to attach their mouths to their nipples. Babies who are becoming adept at breastfeeding are usually characterized by infants inserting the entire areola (dark parts of the breast), not just the protruding ones. Then the baby will feel satisfied marked by the baby being calmer, releasing the nipple attachment or even falling asleep. Sometimes, this learning process makes the mother or people around you impatient. In fact, newborn babies need only a little milk.

Regarding breastfeeding, you can discuss it carefully with your in-laws about the importance of breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best single food source for infants 0-6 months. If you don't talk about it with your in-laws, try asking your husband, uncle, aunt or anyone who can help you. Sometimes parents are harder because they feel they have previous experience. Make sure that you want to give the best according to current research for your grandchild. Formula milk that has already been given does not need to be thought about, keep trying to give milk. Breast pump regularly so that breast milk production is maintained.

Every mother has their difficulties. Feeling sad, upset, and useless does not only happen to mothers, but to most mothers who have just given birth, especially giving birth for the first time and getting less support. This is compounded by hormonal changes during childbirth and extreme fatigue when caring for a baby, so this sad feeling can last a long time. This condition is called baby blues, usually it will improve with time and adaptation and support of the closest people.

Giving birth and having children is a new experience and of course it takes time for you to get used to it. Creating a comfortable new routine for yourself is sometimes difficult, especially if you live with a large family. Discuss alternatives with your husband, of course, in good terms because this is also new to him. Compromise with a large family if there are things that are not in accordance with the way of parenting Mother. Do not forget the positives, living with a large family allows you to learn about parenting from experienced ones, and of course you can get help if you are tired of taking care of a child that cannot be obtained by all mothers.

Sharing stories with other moms who have experienced the same thing can also help. If sadness, feeling useless, and crying often this happens more than two weeks and even you feel sadder until you feel suicidal, hurt the baby, or something else which endangers immediately seek the help of a doctor or psychiatrist because of the possibility it is postpartum depression.

Hopefully this is useful, ma'am, keep up the spirit and think positively. Parenting a child is not as easy as imagined, but happiness will come when the child grows up well, healthy and cheerful. Keep trying to give ASI, weigh your baby every month to the posyandu, and immunize according to the schedule.

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