Handling When Having Suicidal Thoughts?

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Hello doc, I finally have the urge to commit suicide. Actually I have had suicidal thoughts since graduating from high school. Where I was at that time I did not graduate in college, I also did not get a permanent job. Whereas my parents hoped I immediately get a job to help him, I feel like a failure and useless one, I took several work tests but the results are zero.Now I study at private university taking Information Systems courses but I feel I’m not smart I have not mastered the material even though I have semester 4. I feel afraid of the future. I want to die but I love my family. I also still have dreams that I want to achieve. But all of that disappears when I think of my future if I see my condition that does not have any ability “. Guess what do I do?

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Good morning, thanks for the question

Ideas or acts of endangering or suicide that occur repeatedly should not be underestimated and immediately consult this with a psychiatrist because it can be one part of the symptoms of depression. Depression is the disruption of functions related to nature and feelings of sadness. Symptoms include loss of interest and excitement, reduced energy, decreased activity, decreased attention, decreased self-confidence, having an idea of ​​guilt and worthlessness, gloomy and pessimistic future views, thoughts of suicide, difficulty sleeping or excessive sleep, and decreased appetite.

If it is real according to the doctor's examination meets the criteria of depression and has been going on for several months then such conditions need to be given therapy. Therapy according to the conditions that you are experiencing right now will really help control your mood, help reduce other symptoms, help in social relationships, and improve the quality of life as an individual. In addition, additional therapy in the form of behavioral, cognitive, etc. can also be done as part of treatment efforts.

Do not ignore this complaint, especially if it is very disturbing you in doing normal activities. Start open and share how you feel with friends or family that you trust in order to help you reduce symptoms and support in the treatment process later. Believe that every problem will have a way out one day and increase faith with God Almighty so that the heart becomes more calm and avoid harmful actions.

That's all, hope you can help.

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