Hands And Back G Can Be Moved Due To Falling On The Motorbike?

Illustration of Hands And Back G Can Be Moved Due To Falling On The Motorbike?
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Afternoon .. I want to ask my husband who fell on the motorbike. Then his hands and back hurt can’t be moved .. what’s the good medicine for my husband?

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Hello Melisa,

Has your husband been seen by a doctor after the accident? When was the accident? Need to re-ascertain whether the hands and back cannot be moved because of pain when moving or there is weakness / paralysis of the limbs? What is the position of the fall? Are there any injuries to the head, neck and back? Did you pass out? This is very important to know to help estimate the likelihood of head, neck and spine injury or not. Injury to the head, neck and spine can result in weakness / paralysis of the limbs.

Considering that traffic accidents are very risky for head, neck and spinal injuries, I suggest that your husband check with a doctor first so that he can do an in-person examination by conducting interviews, physical examinations, and supporting examinations if necessary to confirm his condition. Investigations that may be done, for example, with x-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, and blood tests according to the suspicion of the examining doctor.

If the results of the examination do not find any injuries to the head, neck and spine, the doctor will see if there are fractures or fractures of the limbs, muscle injuries, ligament tears, tendon tears, joint dislocations, or open wounds in the skin that can cause complaints of pain and obstruction. movement of the hands and back.

Further treatment will be given by the doctor according to the results of the examination on your husband, for example surgery, splints, casts, and repositioning if there is a bone and joint injury, suturing if there is a deep enough wound, and administering anti-pain drugs or antibiotics if necessary. Physiotherapy can be done after recovering to help restore body functions. However, if there is a head, neck and spine injury, the doctor will provide further treatment and monitoring or observation. Meanwhile, if you do not find the above possibilities, then you don't need to worry, the pain will gradually improve over time.

In the meantime, while waiting to see the doctor, your husband can do the following tips:

Rest the injured part for at least 2-3 days Cold compress for the first 3 days for 10-15 minutes several times a day Hold up the pillow on the injured hand and keep the hand from being crushed while sleeping Do not massage or massage the injured part Take pain relievers such as paracetamol if necessary If it is confirmed that there are no fractures, fractures, or joint dislocations, the husband can start doing physical exercises gradually. We recommend that you consult with a doctor who checks yes. The following articles relate to the topic of your question:

Spinal cord injury
Head injury

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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