Hands And Feet Often Feel Cold And Tingling?

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Excuse me, my name is 21-year-old Nico, I want to ask, why do my hands and feet often feel so cold, especially when in the air-conditioned room, my feet are often tingling, my hands are sometimes numb and tingling too, what do I feel is included in Symptoms of circulation of my body are not smooth? And other symptoms such as difficulty thinking and fatigue, including those that are natural, how to deal with my circulation if indeed the symptoms are blood symptoms that are not smooth, what treatment methods should I do to treat it, and for habbatusauda whether it is true that it can smooth circulation. blood? Thank you, sorry if so many words are understood ūüôŹ

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 Cold hands and feet while in the air conditioned room is certainly a normal condition. When the ambient temperature is lower than body temperature, capillary blood vessels on the surface of the body will shrink / shrink so that heat cannot be released. This is what makes the cold felt in your feet and hands. These conditions can also trigger a sense of tingling accompanied by numbness. In addition, lack of exercise, stagnant body position / not experiencing movement for a long time, and vitamin B deficiency can also make someone prone to tingling. Other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism can cause a person to not stand the temperature / cold air, also diabetes and neuropathy (nerve disorders) can also trigger a person often experience pins and needles.

You need to know that the term circulating blood does not smoothly refer to vascular disorders due to obstruction that can cause complaints of pain, swelling accompanied by changes in skin color on the part of the body that has blocked blood vessels.

You do not need to worry because your condition does not show a serious disorder. Every person has a different response to the ambient temperature that is low / cold or high temperature / heat. Some are easy to adapt to changes in cold temperatures in an air-conditioned environment, some are easy to experience cold when in an air-conditioned room. The condition of the body is also very influential, for example when immunity is decreasing, it will be susceptible to viral infections or other germs. Someone who is experiencing a decrease in endurance and being attacked by an infection, is often more prone to feeling cold than a healthy person at a rather low temperature.

But there is also a certain medical condition called Raynaud's phenomenon, where the hands and feet become pale, cold, stiff to severe pain due to interference with blood vessels in a cold room. This case is quite rare, but requires special treatment when these conditions are found.

So if your condition is stable enough, can do daily activities as usual without encountering extreme symptoms such as severe pain accompanied by pale and cold on the hands and feet then you don't need to worry. Use clothes that are thicker and cover most areas of the body, consume warm water and nutritious food and regular exercise every day.
 There is no clinical evidence based on medical research related to the habbatusauda plant for blood circulation. As high as the effectiveness is still doubtful to use.

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