Hands Are Often Numb And Difficult To Move?

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HealthReplies.com, my 15 year old nephew has a strange disease, this disease has been experienced since the age of 12, his left hand feels like it’s dead (can’t move) for a while (1-3 minutes) suddenly. This situation is experienced at night and almost every day. My niece’s condition and daily activities look normal like other children, only her body is a bit smaller than children her age.

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Hello Tom Aang Wijaya Aveiro, thanks for asking HealthReplies.com.

Epilepsy is defined as a condition in which seizures occur frequently without any cause. Seizures are electrical disturbances / electrical activity in the brain, can be in the form of seizures that we know (body shaking), or stiff, silent, paralyzed for a moment, or doing things that are not normally done. Epilepsy is divided into 2 general types, namely generalized epilepsy and partial epilepsy. In generalized epilepsy, electrical disturbances affect all parts of the brain, so seizures usually occur throughout the body. In partial epilepsy, electrical disturbances occur in only one part of the brain, so that the part of the body that has seizures is a reflection of the part of the brain that has electrical disturbances only.

Most epilepsy has no known cause (called idiopathic). Some of the known causes of epilepsy are:

1.    Accidents or injuries before/at birth. The fetus is very sensitive to changes that occur in the brain so it is easy to cause disorders in the brain which can be caused by infection in the mother, lack of oxygen and nutrients in the mother.

2.    History of trauma/head injury

3.    History of other disorders in the brain, such as stroke

4.    Genetics. Several types of epilepsy are epilepsy that is inherited through genetics. Some studies also mention that there will be an increase in risk factors if you have a family history of epilepsy.

5.    History of brain infection

6.   Developmental disorders such as autistic children

It should be understood that this disease is a chronic disease that requires patience and patience in its treatment. Patients must regularly seek treatment and see a doctor to monitor the progress of the therapy that has been given, to the development of their general health, and to monitor the side effects that may occur due to the consumption of drugs. Patients must take medication regularly, according to the doctor's prescription, and at the same time every day. In addition, should not stop the drug / change the dose of anti-epileptic drugs without the knowledge of the doctor, because it can thwart therapy which can increase the chance of relapse. Patients also really need the support of their family and environment in their treatment.

Here is an article on epilepsy that you can read for added information. That's it, I hope it's useful.


dr. Sarah Rizqia

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