Hands Are Often Suddenly Stiff With Loss Of Consciousness?

Hello, good morning. permission to ask I have almost two years affected by the disease as in the title but the name of the disease does not know. Every time you want to sleep it will happen. Every time my mind starts to sleep soundly at the latest 5 minutes after that suddenly my hands harden and it must happen every night, sometimes the strength of the hard is weak and strong. Then as if interested keblkang if not arrested and it will be stronger if let me. Then, never reached 4 times and even then the time is uncertain how many months or weeks. However, even though I did not sleep, if I was sleepy I would definitely get hit and the clock would be erratic. The point is that as long as I resist sleepiness and if I sleep I will get hit. I have EEG and CT Scan Head, record. From the neurologist but the results said the doctor did not have any symptoms in the head. R nPlease explain. Are there herbal medicines or a healthy lifestyle like what I can live for healing. Very begging for the instructions … that’s all and thank you. Hopefully the fortune always increases and all activities worth worship aminnn

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Seizures are an unconscious and uncontrolled form of muscle contraction that can last from seconds to minutes. Seizures can occur in the form of repetitive movements throughout the body, or parts of the body, or it can also be in the form of strong muscle contractions so that the related limbs feel tense. Patients with seizures can be accompanied by decreased consciousness or not.
Some of the conditions below can trigger seizures that are often experienced by patients, such as:
1. epilepsy
2. the process of urging space in the brain
3. head trauma
4. infection of the constituent structures of brain tissue
5. metabolic disorders that affect the workings of the brain, such as uremia or high blood urea levels, or hyperkalemia, namely high levels of potassium in the blood.
6. an increase in body temperature that affects brain function, such as febrile seizures
Periodic direct examination by a neurologist will help determine the cause of the seizure, either by physical examination, blood examination, or EEG examination and / or MRI / CT scan; so the results of the examination are expected to help determine the diagnosis and the right treatment according to the diagnosis.
In connection with the complaint you made, the muscle spasms or stiffness that often occurs when holding drowsiness and or during sleep may be caused by epileptic seizures. In epileptic seizures, there is a case of epileptic seizures that occur when an individual starts sleeping, called a nocturnal seizure.
Patients with nocturnal seizures often experience seizures during sleep, this is due to abnormalities of brain waves during sleep, which can often occur early in the sleep phase. Therefore, further examination to a neurologist is needed for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as preventing the risk of patients with nocturnal seizures. Although the results of the previous EEG and CT scan are normal, you still need to periodically check your neurologist to find out the progression of your seizure complaints and the improvement in the care your doctor is giving.
Regarding herbal remedies for patients with a history of seizures, I cannot give recommendations because of different medical approaches.
All you need to do during your home treatment for a lifestyle is:
1. Avoid sleeping late at night
2. avoid the sun or limit the use of cellphones, computers, or televisions; especially before bedtime
3. do light and gradual exercise
4. avoid stress and anxiety

5. still visit your neurologist regularly or ask for second opinion to another neurologist
Thus the info we can convey.

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