Hands Hurt After Donor?

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, last Friday I was a donor. it is routine when there is a donor event at the office.

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After injecting a needle into a donor, complications can occur such as pain in the area of ​​the needle prick, swelling can occur in the puncture area, aching, itching in the needle puncture area. This can occur due to injuries caused to the skin tissue to the related area's blood vessels.

In the process of wound healing after the puncture of blood donors can go through several phases such as the inflammatory phase, fibroblastic phase, and wound maturation phase. At the beginning of wound recovery, naturally arises pain, swelling, discomfort around the wound that can limit movement. Over time there will be wound healing, formation of scar tissue, until the wound closes and heals.

It takes time to heal the wound, but if the wound appears swollen, red, painful, or discharge such as pus and blood from the injured area, it is advisable to seek treatment from a doctor related to further examination and management. For more information about wound healing conditions, please access the information at this link.

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