Hands Often Feel Hot?

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The presence of a hot sensation in the hands can be influenced by many things, such as exposure to irritating substances, such as detergents, soaps, hair dyes, and cleaning products that are often used daily in households, in addition to exposure to harsh chemicals. for those who work closely with chemicals is also a consideration.

In addition to irritation, complaints of hot hands can also be caused by nerve disorders in the hand area, it can be due to being pinched (due to monotonous work and in an uncomfortable position) to other diseases that eventually cause nerve damage, such as blood vessel disorders. , diabetes, vitamin B deficiency, side effects of certain drugs, poisoning, and others.

So it would be better if your husband was persuaded to want to visit the doctor directly, so that further evaluation could be carried out on his current health condition, the results of the assessment were the basis for doctors in providing treatment and treatment.

The following tips can be tried by your husband to reduce or prevent the worsening of the complaint, namely by massaging gently and slowly on the area of ​​​​the hands and base, always use protective equipment such as gloves, for example when using chemical liquids that are quite hard, then try to do activities/work in a position that is comfortable for the hands so as not to get sore and blood flow is not disturbed, and as much as possible not to smoke and consume alcohol. And don't forget to eat a balanced nutritious diet and get enough sleep.

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