Hard Lump Behind The Right Ear?

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Hello … r nI am amelia I’m 16 years old, I want to ask? Behind my right ear there was a lump, so when I was tightening it a bit hard like a bone, and pressing it hurt. Before, there were no symptoms such as fever, only a little nausea, but before a week I knew there was a lump. So what, danger or not. R nThank you

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Hello Ameliasulistiawati,

The lump behind the ear can come from a gland, an infection in the skin, bones, or a mass. Some of the causes of lumps behind the ear include:

Swollen lymph nodes
Skin problems, such as cysts, abscesses, pimples, boils
Tumors and malignancies

To ascertain the cause of the lump in the ear, of course, a doctor must directly examine it, be it an interview, a physical examination to see the size, edge, mobility of the lump, as well as supporting examinations if necessary. The treatment given also depends on the cause of the lump, for example in the case of swollen lymph nodes due to infection, treatment will be given to treat the infection. After the infection clears, it is hoped that the lump will shrink on its own. If there is a mass, measures can be taken to elevate the mass.

Therefore, if the lump gets bigger or is very painful, I suggest that you check with your doctor directly so that you can do further tests to confirm your condition. Then you can be given the right treatment according to your complaint.

Meanwhile, if the lump feels painful, you can compress with warm water and drink pain relievers if necessary. Avoid squeezing the lump.

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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