Hard Lumps Under The Mouth And Persistent Gums?

Illustration of Hard Lumps Under The Mouth And Persistent Gums?
Illustration: Hard Lumps Under The Mouth And Persistent Gums? Bing

hello, I’m 38 years old, I want to ask about two lumps that appear together in the lower mouth, it’s been about 13 years, the size is almost the size of a small marble, the lump is hard like the lower oral cavity u0026amp; I don’t feel pain because of the lump, I feel pain when my tooth with cavities recurs, so I leave it u0026amp; have not consulted the doctor, in 2017 another lump appeared on the upper right gum as big as a pimple and hard like the gums but the lump grew very fast until April 2018 almost the same as two lumps under the mouth. What I want to ask is the cause u0026amp; not expensive? about how to get rid of these lumps? thank you.

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Hi Robby,

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Lumps on the walls of the mouth and gums, if the consistency is hard, and does not shrink or break for years, you should immediately see a doctor. It is feared, this lump is malignant so it requires further evaluation so that appropriate treatment can be carried out.

Some of the possible causes of lumps as you are experiencing are as follows:

Skin tags (fibroepithelial polyps)
Infections, eg candidiasis, folliculitis, Herpes simplex, molluscum contagiosum, warts

Benign tumors, eg mucocele, dermoid cyst, lymphangioma, emengioma
Malignant tumors, eg sarcoma, melanoma

Actinic keratosis

Lichen planus, and so on

Malignant lumps are generally characterized by a hard consistency, difficult to move, appear for a long time, get bigger, bleed easily, and are often accompanied by other complaints, such as recurrent canker sores, drastic weight loss, sore throat, and so on. However, in the early stages, malignant lumps may not show typical symptoms, so early detection is very important to prevent dangerous complications.

As mentioned above, you should directly check your complaint to the doctor for further evaluation, not only through a physical examination, but possibly also a tissue biopsy, namely by taking a tissue sample from the lump to examine its constituent components microscopically. Treatment will vary depending on the cause of the lump, for example by administering medication, excision, and so on.

At this time, avoid forcefully grasping, squeezing, or prying the lump. Always keep your teeth and mouth clean, by regularly brushing your teeth, gargling with antiseptic mouthwash, and avoiding oral sex with people whose sexual history is not known. Keep your immune system, namely by increasing the consumption of antioxidants, regular exercise, and regular rest.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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