Hard To Breathe

Illustration of Hard To Breathe
Illustration: Hard To Breathe

Hello doctor, when I was 25 years old I often felt that my stomach felt hot and now I have difficulty sleeping at night because I feel stuffy and I feel something sticky in my chest like mucus. Please help doctor

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Hello Roselma,

Thank you for the question.

Stomach feels hot, tightness, chest like slimy, so difficult to sleep may indicate some of the following health problems:

Disorders of the digestive tract, such as due to gastroesophageal reflux disease, food allergies, gastroenteritis, gastritis, Crohn's disease, carbohydrate malabsorption
Disorders of the respiratory tract, such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia
Disorders in other organ systems, such as allergies, infections, benign or malignant tumors, immune disorders, psychological disorders, and so on

These complaints, if the intensity is mild, you should never worry too much. Much better, you first handle your complaint by:

Compress warm stomach and chest that feels uncomfortable, do not carelessly sorted or given medicine
Eat regularly, but first reduce consumption of cold, oily, gassed, and caffeinated beverages
Before bed, don't eat too much
Don't shout too much
Discipline to exercise to prevent belly fat
Don't think too much
Stay away from things that make you allergic

Conversely, if there is tightness and heat in the stomach that is very disturbing, or accompanied by other complaints, such as vomiting and massive diarrhea, high fever for more than 3 days, difficult to pass wind more than 1 day, fecal mucus or bleeding, etc., do not feel free to check yourself directly to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine, yes. Through this method, or assisted with X-ray examination, ultrasound, even endoscopy, of course the doctor can give you the best treatment according to the cause.

Hope this helps ...

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