Hard To Shake The Tongue When Mentioning The Letter R

Illustration of Hard To Shake The Tongue When Mentioning The Letter R
Illustration: Hard To Shake The Tongue When Mentioning The Letter R

I want to ask, right now I just realized that I can’t shake my tongue when I say the letter R. When I was a child, there was no problem at all when mentioning the letter R which was held for a long time so that it sounded “errrrrrrrrr”. but nowadays I even lost that ability. why yes, is it because of differences in the factors of the jaw’s teeth that are somewhat advanced?

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Conditions for difficulty speaking can be related to the ability to control the muscles of speech where it is related to the nerves that control it. Several things that can affect the ability of nerves are

 Disorders of the facial nerve due to inflammation or bell's palsy The use of certain oba Injury or infection of the head area But to find out if there is really a control disorder then it is advisable to do a complete examination by a doctor so that you can be sure of the ability that you have a few things you can do is

 Exercising mouth muscles and movements Slowing the rhythm of speech Get used to speak with clear articulation But if there is a condition of previous injuries, severe headaches, accompanied by vomiting, there is use of medication should immediately check yourself to find out and overcome the exact cause

Thus information may be useful

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