Harmful Or Not Lime Masks Are Used Every Day?

Illustration of Harmful Or Not Lime Masks Are Used Every Day?
Illustration: Harmful Or Not Lime Masks Are Used Every Day? labmuffin.com

Hello. I want to ask, I have been diligently using a lime mask for 1 month. And the results are pretty good. The face turned white, pimples and scars disappear, blackheads disappear, pores also shrink. But I’m afraid to see the reviews on you tube and Google said it should not be used every day … it’s true or not. I use lime every day before going to bed by cutting into 2 parts and immediately rub into the face, wait until it is dry, add more lemon juice then in a massage massage (scrub) then just rinse using cold water. . Can not be used every day. Dangerous or not? Thanks. 🙂

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Hello Neng,

Lime in general contains acid so that it can be used to help treat acne, remove dead skin cells and brighten the face. One way to use it is as a mask.

However, lime can cause irritation to the skin especially sensitive skin, signs of irritation such as red, itchy, sore, to blisters.

For this reason, the Npis orange mask should be used in moderation around 1-3x / week. The frequency can be adjusted to the condition of your skin. No need to wear lime masks every day. You can also add other ingredients when wearing a lime mask, for example mixing with honey, coconut oil, and spinach.

Don't forget to always wear sunscreen in the morning and avoid sun exposure while wearing a lime mask.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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