Has My Height Growth Stopped?

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Hello, I am Azhar Ady Praja .. I had problems with my growth in adolescence, especially in height. Even though when I was in elementary school my height was above average, because I was confident I tried homeworkout to shape my body. But now I am average and there is no increase in the same once .. Please explain?

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Hi Azhar,

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Need to clarify, how old are you now?

Growth in height, in males, usually develops quite rapidly in children until puberty. The speed of growth in height cannot be generalized to everyone, because it is unique. The speed of growth in height can be influenced by various factors, including:

Genetics (heredity) Race Gender Nutritional intake Physical activity and sports undertaken History of disease or injury affecting the long bones, etc. This growth can continue during the epiphyseal plate, which is an area at the end of the long bone where new bone cells are deposited, not yet closed . Typically, these plates will close at 19 to 23 years of age, maybe sooner, maybe later.

Doing sports to build muscle mass during growth is not absolutely prohibited. But indeed, many experts do not recommend this exercise to be over done. This is because it takes a lot of calorie intake to build this muscle mass. If you overdo this type of exercise, your metabolism will be drained, focusing on building muscle mass so that bone growth will indirectly be inhibited. However, apart from the type of exercise you do, it could also be that your height slows down due to being influenced by other factors as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, you did not say exactly how old you are. Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify whether or not you may gain height or not.

Our advice is that you check yourself directly with a doctor or orthopedic surgeon for a more in-depth evaluation. It could be that the doctor will direct you to undergo further examinations, for example x-rays, laboratory examinations, thyroid function tests, and so on to find out the best intervention that can be done to support the growth of your height.

At home, you can also do the following tips to maximize height growth:

Sleep at least 6 to 7 hours a day, don't stay up late Consume healthy and nutrient-rich foods, for example dark green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, poultry, sea fish, beef, nuts, whole grains, and milk and processed products. and exercising, for example basketball, swimming, football, skipping, jogging, cycling, etc. Do not do excessive activities that risk causing long bone injuries Do not take any medications, including body-enhancing supplements without going to the doctor first.

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