Has The Skin Disease Been In Rats For 6 Months And The Skin Has Become Dark And Rough?

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I have a skin disease that initially only itched but turned into a rash and the skin became dark and rough within 6 months. Is this a fungal or bacterial infection? I have tried using anti-fungal + antibiotic cream but it still does not disappear. This disease has been in the form of a dark coating for 1 year, itching and sores caused by scratching are difficult to heal and often like there is a bubble filled with clear liquid for a small pimple. what disease is this? What should I do?

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The presence of itchy rashes on the skin needs to be explored further about the onset of symptoms, the expected origin of the rash, the location of the rash, the factors that aggravate the symptoms of the rash and itching, are there any other symptoms that arise as well as the history of the disease you are experiencing. These things can help determine the diagnosis of the cause of skin diseases. There are a number of things that can cause itchy skin rashes including:

Atopic dermatitis. Can appear in the form of a reddish rash that feels itchy and is triggered by a reaction arising from food, clothing worn, weather, but it is not yet certain the mechanism of skin disorders.
Allergic / irritant contact dermatitis. Can appear in the form of a red rash that feels itchy, this reaction arises with exposure to substances that irritate or cause allergic reactions.
Venenata dermatitis due to bites from insects and can cause blistering red rashes, itching or pain.

Numularis dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin in the form of coins / oval and can be initiated from the wound or friction in the area concerned. Can stay for months.
Neurodermatitis is an abnormality in the appearance of a red rash to bumpy itching, recurring in the same area, settled and triggered by stress conditions and can discharge.
Fungal infections of the skin, causing reddish plaque with raised skin lesions, generally in folds of skin or moist skin areas.
Bacterial infection of the skin, can cause bumps filled with fluid / pus, or areas of the skin that are reddish, painful, tense, and remove fluid from the skin layer.

The existence of a dark layer in areas that experience recurrent skin lesions can be caused by hyperpigmentation after an inflammatory process where the area will appear darker than the surrounding area, crusts or thicker layers may also appear in areas that are often scratched. To know well the diagnosis of skin disorders can consult a doctor or dermatologist to get an examination and management related to skin disorders.

Avoid scratching areas that arise rashes and bumps filled with liquid, use loose clothing and not cause irritation to the area concerned, keep a good diet and adequate rest. Avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions, because the treatment on the skin needs to be adjusted to the underlying cause.

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