Have A History Of Asthma And Now Relapse

Doc, I want to ask. Now I am short of breath and because of my tightness I cough and have phlegm. A few days ago I went to the puskesmas and checked. Said the nurse who examined me if I only had asthma due to allergies. But my asthma is already 1 week doc, but the asthma is still in the low category because of its tightness. . Previously I was indeed crowded for 1 week or more. But because now the corona virus is rife, I’m finally worried. Are these symptoms of corona or how do you dock? Because of my knowledge, I have never been in a place where there are covid-19 patients. Thanks doc please answer

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. In short, everything is possible. And this cannot be ascertained without direct examination.

This is because both asthma, covid infections, or other diseases such as kidney disorders, pneumonia and lung obstruction also have similar symptoms, and this can only be distinguished from supporting examinations, such as x-rays or laboratory examinations. For covid himself, not even a few are infected but do not cause any symptoms.

The fact that you have experienced it for a week does not make a possibility, because of any illness if treatment is not enough, the symptoms will continue. So if the treatment given to you is not enough or even inappropriate, the symptoms will not disappear even after a week has passed. For asthma, so far there is indeed no medicine that can completely eliminate asthma. The existing medication only reduces symptoms, but if the trigger is still present, then the symptoms will not disappear. Therefore it is important to understand the various triggers of asthma, such as dust, fatigue, infections, allergies, cold air, cigarette smoke, and animal dander. If you feel you still have a certain trigger, then avoid it as much as possible to ease the symptoms.

If it turns out the trigger has been avoided but the symptoms are still persistent, further tests are needed, and for that, we recommend that you consult a pulmonary doctor for further treatment. Meanwhile, maintain your immune system, avoid going out when there is no important business, routine hand washing, consumption of a multivitamin and adequate rest. So, hopefully answering your question.

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