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Hello doctor, I want to ask, I used to have a cold cough and sneezing for almost a month it didn’t heal. Every time you check with the doctor and then you are given medicine, it will get better but when the medicine runs out, the cough will come back again. especially if in the morning sometimes the cough is so bad that my throat hurts and my voice runs out. The climax was until I had a high fever of 39-40 degrees and then hospitalized with typhus diagnosis, the hospital was also given medicine for a cold cough too. Recovering from typhus, my cold cough is also cured but after that now EVERY time I drink ice even though it’s just a little straight away coughing but only for a while like for example in the afternoon I drink only a glass of ice tea later in the evening or at night I coughed a cold again but in the morning the cough has recovered, it’s always like that . Again, my nose is very sensitive now, every time there is a little dust or when the cold comes back or strokes the cat for a while, the nose is sneezing so badly that sometimes my eyes get sore too then I rub it until it turns red (ps. I used to hold it. , stroking, carrying the cat is fine) r nWhy huh? I haven’t had time to go to the doctor anymore because I think my cold, which hasn’t been completely healed before, is not yet stable, so sometimes the cough comes back. Please explain.

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Hi Reina, thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com

The frequent condition of having a recurring cold cough as you describe it is probably due to atopy conditions. Atopy is a genetic condition in which a person's immune system overreacts to a common antigen in the environment. This atopy can manifest in atopic diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis (eczema), and rhinoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyes and / or nose). Although it has a strong genetic link (children whose parents have atopy will tend to have atopy too), the environment also has a big role to play in the emergence of this condition, so even though in general the symptoms can be seen from as a child, this condition is also can only happen when someone is an adult.

In this condition, it's a good idea to start making notes of things that trigger your cold cough and start to avoid exposure. For example, you have a cold cough when you handle a cat, if you are exposed to dust, or when the temperature is cold. So from now on you have to be careful not to touch the cat anymore, clean the house as often as possible from dust (also note that sofas, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, and dolls in your house can also collect dust), and wear a blanket or jacket when it gets cold. When you want to clean the house from dust or if you want to handle a cat or visit the house of someone who has a cat, for example, you can use a mask to reduce exposure.

If you want to know in full what things can trigger the appearance of your symptoms, you can also check with an internal medicine doctor and ask for an allergy examination.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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