Haven’t Been Pregnant After 1 Year Of Miscarriage?

I want to ask my history of miscarriage 2x, but already this year I haven’t been pregnant yet, I was delayed for 10 months because I was still traumatized so my husband’s sperm was released outside for only 4 months. yeah I’m afraid some say it’s hard to get pregnant if there’s a history of miscarriage 2x😞

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Hello Saint, Thank you for the question.

Having a baby is a dream for many married couples. However, not all couples get it easily. Before you can get pregnant, you first need to know about your fertile period. The fertile period is the time around ovulation, which is the release of a mature egg into the fallopian tube. Relationships carried out during the fertile period can cause fertilization (the meeting of sperm with eggs), and pregnancy. The fertile period usually occurs on the 10th day until the 17th day after the first menstrual day. However, this calculation applies to those who have a 28 day menstrual cycle. For those who have different menstrual cycles, the calculation of the fertile period depends on the menstrual cycle in the last 6-12 months. You can calculate the fertility period as in the following link: Calculate the fertility period

In addition, you are also encouraged to have regular sex 2-3 times a week. Relationship should be done more often when you are in the fertile period, which is once a day to increase the chance of pregnancy. Another thing you need to do is consume nutritious food, take folic acid supplements, take regular rest, maintain ideal body weight, manage stress well, avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages, and avoid using vaginal lubricants.

Have you consulted an obstetrician to plan your pregnancy? Another step that is not less important is to consult an obstetrician. Consultation with an obstetrician is highly recommended when you are planning a pregnancy especially for those who have a history of recurrent miscarriages. Further examination by a doctor is needed to find out the cause of this recurrent miscarriage to prevent the condition from occurring in the next pregnancy. Recurrent miscarriages can be caused by genetic disorders, TORCH infections, problems in the uterus, weakness of the cervix, antiphospholipid syndrome, hormonal disorders, and smoking and consuming caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. After knowing the cause of this recurrent miscarriage, the doctor will provide further treatment before encouraging you to continue your pregnancy program. You should discuss further with obstetricians, yes.

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