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excuse me, so I have a 16 year old brother, he from junior high school has started to bend his back, the difference is more nonjol right, and my mother said maybe because of his sitting position when he was in elementary school, and finally left, but apparently until high school he was still the same maybe more prominent now Dr. when he was in junior high, and he hasn’t been checked by the doctor, is it really scoliosis?

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Hi Raa,

Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine which is characterized by its shape curving to one side so that it looks like the letter S or C from behind. A small proportion of adolescents have scoliosis and the spinal slope can increase during weight, especially during puberty. Severe scoliosis can be found in conditions of muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. Severe scoliosis can cause changes in the volume of the chest cavity, causing shortness of breath.

The causes of scoliosis include congenital disorders (from birth), spinal cord injury, spinal infections, aging so that the bone pads begin to damage, nerve and muscle disorders. Women are more at risk for scoliosis.

Symptoms of scoliosis patients are:

High shoulder
One shoulder or side of the chest looks more advanced than the other side
Pelvic height next door
Chronic back pain

The diagnosis of scoliosis can be determined from the results of physical examination and supporting examinations in the form of spinal X-rays. Management of scoliosis depends on how severe the scoliosis arch is and the clinical symptoms it causes. Treatment of scoliosis includes:

The use of a special brace or scoliosis corset to prevent deterioration of the bone curvature or in children can help improve the shape of the spine
Provision of pain relief medications
Orthopedic specialist bone surgery

For more certain, you can bring your sister to be examined directly. After getting the right diagnosis, you can discuss with your doctor about the appropriate therapy for your sister. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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