Having A Stroke And Not Eating?

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good night, my 61-year-old mother at the CT scan yesterday at the hospital turned out to have a blockage in the right front brain. he said it was a stroke. my mother is very weak right now, my mother is now sometimes like a child sulking. hb my mother is often low, has been in and out of the hospital 3 times a blood transfusion. if you eat it, you vomit a lot. now often do not have an appetite … if you eat just a little, often not excited and feel hopeless. sometimes also like hallucinating. is this because of the effects of stroke? what should we do for my mother? thank you

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First of all, I want to make sure in advance about the chronology of your mother's disease. Based on your information, your mother just got a CT scan yesterday and was declared having a stroke, did the stroke occur an old stroke (there is a history of stroke) or a new stroke? If a new stroke, does that mean other symptoms experienced by your mother (changes in behavior to be like a child, weak, difficult to eat, often feel hopeless, and hallucinate) occur before a stroke? If it does occur before a stroke, then the possibility of these symptoms is caused by something else. There are very many possible causes. Among them are other diseases in the brain (for example Alzheimer's, brain infections, bleeding in the brain, brain tumors, etc.), electrolyte disorders (eg hyponatremia, hypocalcemia), endoctrin and metabolic disorders (for example thyroid hormone disorders, parathyroid, hypoglycemia), disorders of the kidneys or liver, infection, delirium, other psychiatric disorders (for example depression or bipolar, psychotic, etc.), side effects of alcohol or certain drugs.

If the stroke suffered is an old stroke, then maybe your mother's condition is caused by stroke. But if indeed your mother's condition is classified as acute, meaning that your mother has experienced vomiting and eating disorders recently, as well as hallucinations and feelings of despair recently, then it needs to be re-evaluated to look for other possible acute conditions.

You should immediately bring your mother to a neurologist so that you can re-evaluate your current mother's illness. The neurologist will recommend other tests (besides CT scans), such as blood tests and urine tests. For now, make sure your mother is always looked after and helped in carrying out her daily activities. If you see a tendency to hurt yourself, immediately take it to the hospital.

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