Having Intercourse In A 4 Month Pregnancy.?

I want to ask, why do you have intercourse with my wife, who is pregnant often remove small, itchy white granules?

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Need to be clarified, where do the small, itchy white grains come from? Is it from your genitals or your wife?

Having sex while pregnant is actually not an absolutely prohibited thing. If your wife has no history of miscarriage, has never experienced premature contractions or bleeding during her pregnancy, nor does she have any special conditions that prevent her from having sex (such as placenta previa), you can actually still have sex, as long as it's not excessive.

But indeed, changes in the level of acidity of the female reproductive organs as well as reduced production of vaginal lubricating fluids due to pregnancy can facilitate irritation and infection around the genitals. This is a possibility that causes small white itching and itching to emerge as you experience it. It could also be true that these small, itchy white beads do not occur due to the condition of your pregnant wife, but due to infection in your reproductive organs, buildup of dead skin cells, irritation, malignancy, residual soap or additional sexual lubricants used, or many other possibilities.

So that complaints do not continue, you can first do the following tips:

Always keep your genitals clean
Don't scratch your pubic, even though it feels itchy
Take a diligent bath, clean the genitals with clean water
Always use underwear and pants that are clean, not tight, and replaced periodically
Do not carelessly use soap, vaginal lubricants, or other chemical products around the genitals
Do not have excessive sex when the wife is pregnant
Be loyal to your partner, stay away from free and risky sex
Also ask your wife to improve the cleanliness of her intimate organs well

However, if within 3 days your complaint still does not improve, we recommend that you check yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals so that they are handled well, okay?

I hope this helps.

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