Having Menstruation After Birth, Is It Fertile?

Illustration of Having Menstruation After Birth, Is It Fertile?
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Hello dokI want to ask, I’m a young marriage at the age of 15 years, and I recommend that I use the injection program 3 months once I get married first, and I go through it 2 years but in the middle of the 3 months injection program I once replaced with the KB injection program. , early May then I menstruated as long as I kb I never menstruated and this was my last injection and it should have been injected back in early June, can I still be pregnant? When did my womb get fertile again? Please answer yes, because I need a doctor’s answer.

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The best age to get pregnant and give birth is between 20 to 35 years. Pregnancy and childbirth at an early age have the potential to cause considerable pregnancy and post-copy complications, both for your mother and your baby later. Based on this possibility you are advised to postpone pregnancy, even though you are married.

3-month injectable birth control can be very effective in preventing pregnancy because of its ability to modify hormonal balance in the body. Various studies say that if used correctly, the potential success of 3-month injectable birth control in preventing pregnancy can even exceed 99%. Indeed, because of the way this works, many family planning users inject 3 months that do not menstruate for months. This condition is usually not dangerous and does not require any treatment.

When using one type of contraception, including injection contraception, it is strongly discouraged from using other contraceptives or replacing it without doctor's advice. Because, not all types of contraception are suitable for you to use. The use of more than 1 type of hormonal contraception can also cause a greater risk of side effects.

After your injection work period has finished, which is 12 weeks after the last injection, you can immediately return to fertility, so the potential to get pregnant again. However, indeed most use of injectable birth control can take quite a long time (can be months, even years) for hormonal conditions to be back in balance as before. This often makes former family planning users injecting 3 months find it difficult when planning a pregnancy.

Therefore, it is better for you and your partner to consult a doctor or obstetrician to be evaluated, is it right for you both to plan a pregnancy. If so, your doctor can teach you the right steps that can be taken so that hormonal conditions return to balance faster, and the potential for pregnancy will be faster.

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