Having No Nipples From Birth?

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Hello, I’m 19 years old. Well here I want to ask since from birth until now my nipples don’t have any tpi like being drawn in. And in the middle of my breast aerola there are some very small and soft lumps but it doesn’t hurt and it’s been a long time, is it dangerous? Thanks

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Some women do have nipples that come in as if drawn in, or also called an inverted nipple. In most cases this condition is not dangerous, although in rare conditions, it can also form a nipple like this occurs associated with a malignancy (breast cancer).

Need to be clarified, in addition to the shape of the nipple that comes in, are there any other complaints that you experience, for example a lump in the breast that does not go away but instead enlarges, changes in the shape of the breast skin (such as rough, thickened, curved), changes in the nipple (such as sores, festering) , swelling in the lymph nodes around the breast, weight loss dramatically, fatigue, weakness, excessive sweating, mild fever at night, and so on?

If none of the complaints above you experience, chances are your condition is not dangerous. Small lumps around the areola of the breasts whose consistency is soft in your breasts may be part of the Montgommery gland that does often enlarge as a woman passes through puberty, or also when she is pregnant and breastfeeding later.

It's best if you don't have to worry too much.

With clean hands, pinch your nipples with index and thumb, then twist while pulled out, repeat this procedure over and over (but don't overdo it)
Always keep your breasts clean, including the nipple area
Use a bra that is comfortable, fit with breast size, do not use a bra or tight clothing

If there are no malignancies or other diseases, your nipples that go in slowly will be pulled out later when you are pregnant, giving birth, and also breastfeeding your baby. When breastfeeding later, you can also express your milk with special tools, so that it helps to get your nipples pulled out.

However, if your condition still does not improve, or there are signs of danger referring to the malignancy as mentioned above, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician for further evaluation and treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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