Having Sex After Menstruation Can You Get Pregnant?

, April 30, I started the period, last period on May 6 … Date 9 I had sex as much as 3x, can I get pregnant?

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The process of pregnancy begins from conception. Fertilization is the process of meeting and fusing sperm with a mature egg (ovum). Women's ova are excreted once each month, the process of removing the ovum from the ovaries (ovaries) is called the ovulation process. Ovulation generally occurs on the 10th day to the 14th day (in women with an average menstrual cycle of 28 days), which is calculated from the first day of menstrual bleeding (or about 1 week after menstrual blood stops coming out). Ovum that has matured can only survive in the reproductive tract for 24 hours. If fertilization does not occur (the ovum does not meet with sperm), there will be a decay of the uterine wall which we know as menstruation / menstruation / period. Meanwhile, sperm can survive in the reproductive tract up to 7 days after sexual intercourse. So, if within the next 7 days you ovulate, then there is still the possibility of conception and thus the possibility of pregnancy is still there.

Do not hesitate to consult an obstetrician if you intend to carry out a pregnancy program or may want to postpone pregnancy.

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