Having Sex During A Little Menstruation.?

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Hello? there are how many things that disturb my mind jg wife. my wife’s menstruation is not smooth / routine. yesterday 2migu ago my wife menstruated but her blood was not so many. she was blushing until now she was still bleeding. and every time I have intercourse after that my wife bled very much blood. fresh blood and blood clotted.

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Irregular menstruation, prolonged up to 2 weeks, accompanied by lower abdominal pain may indicate disorders of the reproductive organs, for example myoma (benign tumors originating from the uterine muscle lining), endometriosis (abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus), inflammation pelvis (inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries), uterine polyps (benign tumors originating from the uterine mucosa), pregnancy disorders (eg miscarriages), and so on. Impaired hormonal balance, for example due to fatigue, stress, the influence of contraception, unhealthy lifestyles, to disorders of the thyroid gland or the pituitary can also make menstruation come as irregular as your wife at this time. If it is true that menstrual blood comes out more when finished having sex, then the potential for malignancy, such as cervical cancer or cervical cancer is also worth watching out for.

The question now, is your wife's complaint often repeated before? How much bleeding did your wife experience? Do other complaints arise, for example weakness, pale, difficulty concentrating, often drowsiness, weight loss dramatically, and so on?

Our advice, you consult your wife directly to the doctor or obstetrician to do a more in-depth examination, for example by ultrasound, pap smears, IVA tests, laboratories, and so on. That way, proper handling can certainly be given according to the underlying cause of the complaint.

In the meantime, urge your wife to do some of the following tips so that her complaints improve:

Rest more, first reduce physical activity that is too heavy
Do not have sexual intercourse if bleeding from the vagina is still out
Eat more foods rich in vitamin K, such as red meat, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains
Always keep the cleanliness of sex organs
Don't do risky sex
Use tampons or pads to control the amount of bleeding that occurs
Do not carelessly take drugs without a prescription directly from a doctor

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