Having Sex During Menstruation?

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Good Morning, I just got married 2 months ago, my wife and I are 36 years old. Some days ago I was in contact with my wife, and I did know that my wife was menstruating the first day. when I started having intercourse with my wife’s menstrual blood, it wasn’t flowing, because my wife said it was out in the morning. after a few minutes of penetration the new blood came out of my wife’s miss, “At first I thought it was normal because I didn’t know anything about the dangers of sex during menstruation, but after reading HealthReplies.com articles about the risk of having sex during menstruation, I immediately panicked. what else is associated with HIV, even though we are both clean people who have never had sex outside of marriage.What should I do …? thank you

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Hello Piter,

Thank you for the question.

During menstruation, women experience a series of hormonal changes in their bodies that make libido decrease and vaginal lubrication will be produced less. This condition can make sexual intercourse at this time vulnerable to trigger bleeding. In addition, the condition of the vagina which is generally less clean and disturbed the balance of normal flora during menstruation can also trigger new problems. These conditions can indeed facilitate transmission of the infection, both from you to your wife, and vice versa. There are many types of infections that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse during menstruation, not only HIV, but also syphilis, gonorrhea, candidiasis, genital warts, genital lice, molluscum contagiosum, tinea cruris, folliculitis, and so on.

Even so, the HIV virus certainly cannot appear alone. If you believe that you and your wife are really clean and free from HIV, then even having sex during menstruation, neither you nor your wife will then become infected with this disease. But unfortunately, many HIV sufferers realize that they are sick due to their non-specific clinical symptoms. Therefore, if you and / or your wife feel you have ever carried out an HIV risk behavior, such as having sex with a partner with no clear sexual history, changing sexual partners, using injecting drugs, or having a mother suffering from HIV, then you and / or your wife should remain see a doctor in case of the worst possible case.

Sex during menstruation is not recommended from a medical perspective. Besides increasing the risk of infection, sex like this also often causes pain and bleeding. Therefore, choose another safer sex time .. Do not forget, you should only do healthy and responsible sexual activities, and improve the cleanliness of your sex organs also better so that the risk of infection can be reduced.

Hope this helps ...

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