Having Sex During Pregnancy?

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I want to ask, I’m pregnant 7 months to 8 months. Am I safe if I have intercourse? How many intercourse should I do in a month or a week? Because I often feel afraid if having intercourse because of fear of having an effect on the baby in the womb. Thank you

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Hello Inaa,

Having sex during pregnancy is actually quite safe as long as pregnancy is normal where there are no disorders such as disorders of the placenta that can create a risk of bleeding, a history of miscarriage, a history of premature rupture of membranes, the presence of sexually transmitted diseases or bleeding during pregnancy.

In addition it is also important to carry out a comfortable relationship position adapted to increasing gestational age and also do it not too fast or too deep. For this reason, it's a good idea to make sure you have a normal pregnancy before intercourse while pregnant with your doctor or midwife.

For how many times in a month alone there is no specific limit but it is good to limit intercourse, especially if there are spots, abdominal cramps that persist, pain in the vagina after intercourse, discharge from the vagina that smells distinctive or other symptoms that arise where this condition is necessary to immediately see a doctor.

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