Hb Rises Slightly After Transfusion Of 5 Blood Bags In Patients With Thalassemia Minor?

Illustration of Hb Rises Slightly After Transfusion Of 5 Blood Bags In Patients With Thalassemia Minor?
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Hello warahmatullahi wabarakatuhI am a thalassemia minor sufferer with a second child pregnancy. Routine Hb check last week 8.2 then transfused 3 bags and only increased 9.0 finally added another 2 bags and rose to 10.6. While pregnant with the first child, my Hb 8.2 before sc action and after sc action Hb increased to 12 with transfusion only 2 bags only. What is the cause of hemoglobin only rose slightly after transfusion 5 bags?

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Hello warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

In the condition of thalassemia minor who are pregnant, indeed a good Hb level is above 10 mg / dL. The importance of hemoglobin is to prepare for the process of labor that may bleed a lot so it needs to have sufficient hemoglobin stock, besides that good hemoglobin also indicates adequate nutrition and oxygen for babies in the mother's womb.

If the Hb is below 10 mg / dL, a blood transfusion is necessary. To increase Hb levels of 1 g / dL, 4ml / kgBB of red blood (Packed Red Cell) is needed, so if you weigh 50kg, to increase 1g / dL of Hb, 200mL of red blood is needed.

If the Hb does not rise significantly, please know more about the possible cause of the Hb not rising. It should be noted whether there are signs of bleeding that are active and visible in plain sight, or whether there is bleeding from which the source is unknown. In addition to finding out the possibility of bleeding, it is also necessary to find out whether there are other underlying diseases so that the hemoglobin does not tend to rise, and also to note whether the blood given is in accordance with the blood needs of patients who are usually associated with the patient's body weight to determine the amount of need patient's blood.

Is it related to giving transfusions during pregnancy and transfusions when the baby is born? The amount of blood needed when a mother is pregnant is definitely higher than that of a mother who has given birth, because her weight has increased dramatically and she is also pregnant with a baby who also needs oxygen from her blood. So if given the same number of transfusion bags between pregnant women and mothers who have given birth to a baby without bleeding, the effect of the increase in Hb will be different too.

To find out more about the causes and get more complete information, you should consult a doctor of internal medicine in order to do further tests and get the right treatment.

Some steps you can take at home to help increase Hb:

-consume foods that contain lots of iron such as liver, red meat, and so on

- increase consumption of foods that can increase the process of absorption of iron such as vitamin C and green vegetables

-avoiding bleeding such as protecting yourself from injury and bleeding

Thank you, hopefully useful :)

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