HBsAg Reactive Results In Hepatitis B Patients?

Illustration of HBsAg Reactive Results In Hepatitis B Patients?
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Hello, I want to ask me when I was sentenced to hepatitis B when I took a new job and finally failed, r n r nand it turns out that after I checked at the office from 2015-2017 it showed that my HBsAg was reactive. R n r n 2015 (Pramita Lab) r n r nSGOT: 41 (0-37) r nSGPT: 76 (0-50) r nHbsAg Reactive index 1395 (ECLIA II) r n r nYear 2016 (Pramita Lab) r n r nSGOT: 34 (0-37) r nSGPT: 60 (0-50) r nHbsAg Reactive index 1787 (ECLIA II) r n r n 2017 (Ultra Medica Lab) r n r nSGOT: 50 ( u0026lt; 37) r nSGPT: 66 ( u0026lt; 45) r nHbsAg Reactive: 17.2 (ELISA) r n r nYear 2018 (Prosperous Lab) r n r nSGOT: 32 ( u0026lt; 37) r nSGPT: 79 ( u0026lt; 42) r nHbsAg Reactive r n r nFrom What should I do with the history above? r n r nbecause I have been to a specialist in internal medicine but only given HP Pro, Curcuma FCT and Atorvastatin 10 mg (I also have cholesterol). r n r nNext steps What should I do. r n r nThank you

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Hello Deny Ragil Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Hepatitis B is an inflammatory disease of the liver due to infection with the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). At the onset of infection, hepatitis B generally has no symptoms, or symptoms are often atypical. Some of the symptoms that may appear include:

Nausea Nausea Eyes and yellow skin (usually not severe, and not always found No appetite. Vomiting Fever is not too high. Muscle pain. Pain in the upper right stomach and heartburn. Diagnosis of hepaititis B is done in various ways, one of which is the hepatitis marker, namely HBsAg. , HBsAg stands for hepatitis B Surface Antigen. This test shows the transmission of hepatitis B infection. A positive or reactive test result indicates that you have the hepatitis B virus in your body and have the potential to spread the virus to other people. can't determine whether you have an acute infection or a chronic infection that has occurred in the past, so doctors usually will check for several other hepatitis markers.

In addition to the hepatitis marker examination, the doctor will also examine tests to see liver function, namely SGOT and SGPT tests, as performed by you. A significant increase in these levels can indicate liver or liver damage.

The process of hepatitis B treatment depends on how long you have been infected, and whether the infection is an acute infection or a Krnois infection. And usually treatment will be carried out by a specialist in internal pain with a subspecialist in the field of hepatology or a doctor Sp.pada-KGEH (specialist in internal medicine-Konsulen Gastro Entero Hepatology).

In patients with acute hepatitis B, the symptoms can be symptom-free and can be pulsed within a few months without becoming chronic hepatitis B. And this disease can usually be cured without having to be hospitalized, but still have to undergo routine evaluation or control of the acute infection. an internist or haptologist as directed by your doctor.

Actually there are no specific steps to deal with acute hepatitis B infection. The goal of hepatitis B treatment is to reduce symptoms and protect the liver from damage. Some of the drugs that are given to you are drugs to protect the liver or are called hepatoprotectors. If you have no symptoms and feel well, it does not mean that you are free from the virus. Then your doctor will continue to evaluate you and you are advised to do regular blood tests and health checks, to make sure the hepatitis B virus infection does not develop into a chronic form.

In contrast to chronic infection, chronic hepatitis B infection can increase the risk of more severe liver damage, therefore doctors usually give treatment for a long period of time. The drugs given are in the form of drugs to suppress viral activation, and are expected to inhibit the process of damage to the liver. However, until now the treatment may not completely eliminate the virus, the chances of eliminating the virus are slim.

Because chronic hepatitis B has a heavier risk of liver damage, the patient's liver condition must be monitored regularly. Examinations can be in the form of liver ultrasound, blood tests, and other radiological examinations, if needed a Fibroscan can also be done to find out wound tissue in the liver. can see liver damage.

You should not worry too much, and focus on living a healthy life and taking regular medication or control to your doctor. Because hepatitis B sufferers can still live as normal and normal. The following are steps you can take to support your health:

Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol because these two substances can be harmful to your health, especially your liver. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And high protein intake is like lean meat. Avoid eating preservative foods and fast food Consumption of mineral water in sufficient quantities Regular exercise according to your ability Adequate rest, adequate sleep can strengthen your immune system to fight the virus If you are overweight, reduce it and keep your body ideal. Don't hesitate to consultation and control to your doctor to evaluate your condition. That's the answer from us. May be useful

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