Illustration of HBsag
Illustration: HBsag

Doc, I checked HBsAg in the lab result: reactive Unity: cut off 0.13 Reference value: non reactive What does that mean doc? Thank you

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The result of HBsAg examination that you do in the laboratory with the results of HBsAg reactive examination, then this shows an indication of Hepatitis B infection. The cut-off value is the value determined from a test or examination device as a reference for checking the reactive and non-reactive values ​​or positive values or negative for Hapatitis B infection. Thus, the presence of a reactive Hapatitis B examination value indicates an examination value that is higher than the predetermined cut-off value.

Hepatitis B infection is a viral infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus which can cause damage to the liver. Hepatitis B infection can be acute or chronic. Patients with chronic hepatitis B infection can occur if within 6 months of the first diagnosis, the results of Hapatitis B examination still remain reactive. However, if the results of the Hepatitis B examination in the next 6 months are non-reactive, then the patient generally experiences negative seroconversion against Hepatitis B infection, however, all of this needs to be further confirmed by the doctor who treats you for further and more detailed examination.

Some of the conditions below are complaints that may be felt in patients with hepatitis B infection, such as:

Stomach discomfort
Yellow on the skin and eyes
Urine looks darker
Easily tired
Muscle ache

However, some patients often also do not feel the accompanying complaints of hepatitis B infection, reactive examination results can be found indirectly during medical check-ups or routine checks that are usually done. However, some conditions of complaints that persist and do not improve, can also be considered by doctors to determine whether there is a risk of hepatitis B infection in patients even if the complaint is mild.

Some risk factors for hepatitis B transmission can be:

Body tattoos
Body piercing with inappropriate medical procedures
One of the risky sexual relations with patients with hepatitis B
Use of syringes together and not according to procedure
The use of shavers that are not sterile and are contaminated with Hepatitis B virus
Transmission of mother with Hepatitis B to the fetus during pregnancy

So preventing transmission and carrying out a healthy lifestyle will help prevent the risk of transmission and transmitting hepatitis B infection to or from others.

Because the results of the supportive examination you have got, then you should go back to consult your doctor who provides a cover letter for HBsAg examination. This is necessary because your doctor better understands your clinical condition related to complaints that you might feel and previous clinical examinations. Discuss with your doctor about recovery efforts and healthy lifestyles that support this recovery.

Some of the efforts you can make during the recovery period are:

Avoid sleeping late
Hidnari any food that might increase your digestive complaints
Enough water
Regular exercise
Idealize weight
Consider Hepatitis B vaccination for other family members

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