Head And Ears Feel Numb?

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I feel my head and ears are getting numb sometimes because of what? Is it because of the cold? Or other diseases? thanks.

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Hello Vinna ...
Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com ... I try to help answer yes
 Numbness or tingling can occur in certain areas, such as hands, feet, and even the head. Some conditions that can cause numbness in the head are like
- Stress: repetitive stress in a short time or often, can cause the head to feel like numbness, repetitive stress can cause some symptoms such as anxiety, hard to start sleep, feeling unstable, aloof, feeling like nausea, tightness or hard to breathing and chest pain to stomach pain.
- Neuralgia: one example is occipital neuralgia, a sign that you have this condition is that one side of the head feels pins and needles, feels like being pricked for a count of seconds or minutes. And accompanied by pain behind the eyes.
- Migraine: is pain in one side of the head, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, also sensitive to sound and light. This situation is caused by dilation or by narrowing of the arteries in the head.
- head injury can cause nerve damage, one of the symptoms is a headache.
While numbness that is felt in your ear can be caused by a cold or an infection in the ear, trauma to the ear and injury to the nerves. Things you can do at home is to get plenty of rest, get enough sleep, take pain medications if needed and according to the advice of your doctor.
If numbness in the head and ears is felt often, immediately see a doctor. Thus my answer, hopefully it helps

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