Head Banged

Illustration of Head Banged
Illustration: Head Banged

Hello. jdi yesterday’s head or arguably the left side of my forehead hit the door because at that time I was closing the door but dri outside someone broke down the door so that my head hit. initially sick until crying. what I saw when I hit my head I saw a diamond that broke right before my eyes, even though the diamond was not there. you could say halu. Later that night when I wanted to stand up suddenly my vision turned 180 degrees to the right in a few seconds. At first it was thought that the earthquake but when asked to the others they said it didn’t exist. the next day I intend to lie down for a long time for 1 hour wake up wake up my head dizzy blackened vision in a few seconds about 30 seconds. so even when I was looking down \ sitting. I was 12 years old. Is that normal? oh yeah after the incident I couldn’t because of my poor sleep. thank you for reading it

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Hello awa

Thank you for the question.

Hit hard on the head and forehead can be a variety of effects, can be mild, can also be severe. As for your condition that feels headache, rotating gaze, such as seeing diamonds broken in front of your eyes, dizziness, dark vision for a few moments, and not sleeping soundly, can be a direct effect of this collision, or not.

Some possibilities that can trigger complaints like you are experiencing right now are:

Other factors, such as uveitis, ruptured blood vessels in the brain, retinal detachment, hypoglycemia, psychological disorders, etc.

Not all of the above conditions are actually dangerous, especially considering your young age. Frequently, as long as a severe headache does not appear unbearable, spraying vomiting, stiff necking, impaired balance and coordination, mental confusion, or severe loss of consciousness, this condition can be treated first independently by:

Increase relaxation
Be careful when getting up from sitting or lying down
Eat regularly and drink enough
Take the time to exercise yourself every day
Do not think too much, let alone to stress, anxiety, panic, and fear that is not fair
Go to bed early and regularly
Don't just take medicine carelessly without doctor's advice

However, if in the 3 days after the collision you have not felt a significant improvement, or if you experience other complaints that are more severe as we have mentioned above, you should consult yourself directly to the doctor so that your condition is further evaluated, for example by X-rays, CT scan, or other supporting tests. It may be that later you will be immediately given medication, or also referred to a neurologist or other more appropriate specialist.

Hope this helps ...

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