Head Kliyengan And Increased Gastric Acid?

Illustration of Head Kliyengan And Increased Gastric Acid?
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Mission, I want to ask my complaints, why does my stomach continue to be accompanied now, it has been going on for 4 days, does it have an effect of gastric acid?

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Increased stomach acid often gives rise to a set of symptoms called dyspepsia syndrome. The symptoms in question are usually in the form of discomfort in the upper abdomen (solar plexus, near the chest), which appears as nausea, pain, tightness, bloating, lumps, heat, and so on. These complaints are generally heavy when late eating, when consuming excessive acidic, spicy, fatty foods, and also drinks that contain caffeine. It could also, complaints feel more severe in certain conditions, for example when approaching menstruation and young pregnancy (in women), when taking certain medications (such as anti-pain or antibiotics), fatigue, experiencing mental stress that is quite heavy, eating too much before sleep, and so on.

People with dyspepsia syndrome often feel dizzy or clumsy. This can occur due to several mechanisms, namely:

Natural body stress due to symptoms of dyspeptic syndrome will trigger an increase in stress hormones that cause the diameter of blood vessels to shrink, thereby affecting blood perfusion to the brain.
Dyspepsia syndrome is often triggered by eating too late. This late eating habit can also cause nutritional intake (including glucose) to decrease. This hypoglycemia condition also often makes sufferers feel dizzy and kliyengan.
Dyspepsia syndrome can also occur due to being triggered by severe mental stress. Sufferers of severe mental stress also often experience a variety of other physical complaints, including dizziness and clients

Frequently, dyspepsia syndrome is not a dangerous condition. However, this condition still needs proper treatment. If not, it is not impossible, this increased production of stomach acid will cause injury to the stomach wall, esophagus, duodenum, and the surrounding area, thus forming ulcers or even malignancies that are more difficult to handle. Decreased appetite that often arises in people with dyspepsia syndrome can also make patients become weak, difficult to concentrate, difficult to work, lose weight dramatically, and experience a variety of other complaints.

Therefore, you try to check yourself to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. Besides due to dyspepsia syndrome, you may also experience complications that arise due to other causes, for example anemia, dehydration, hypotension, viral or bacterial infections, vertigo, and so. With a direct doctor's examination, of course each of these conditions can be handled optimally.

Here are some of our initial suggestions:

Don't change body position too suddenly, do it slowly
Eat regularly, moderate portions
Don't make it a habit of procrastinating
Reduce food and drinks that can aggravate the symptoms of dyspepsia syndrome
Don't take medicine carelessly
Stay away from excessive stress and fatigue
Don't smoke or consume alcohol
Get more rest

Hope this helps ...

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