Head Numbness And Neck Strain?

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I have experienced numbness in my head for 6 years now, my neck always feels tight, and sometimes there is a feeling of nausea. I pulled my hair out too. Please answer

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Hello Wisnu Pranajaya,

Numbness or paresthesia is a reduction in sensation or sensory function in certain areas of the body. Paresthesia can occur in any part of the body, including feet, hands, ears, face, even the scalp (although this is rare). Paresthesia can be accompanied by the following complaints:

Tingling sensation
It feels like a little needling
Burning sensation
It feels like electric shock

Paresthesia can arise due to interference with the nerves that innervate the area. Nerve disorders can arise due to inflammation, compression (pinched), or due to damage from the nerve itself. Some diseases that can be related to symptoms of paresthesia in the head region are:

Multiple sclerosis
Diabetes mellitus

Headache: tension type headache, cluster headache, migraine
Sinus abnormalities

Bells palsy
Infection: encephalitis, infection of the teeth
Impaired body posture
Anxiety Disorders
Brain tumor
and so forth

A complete history of the history of the disease and the characteristics of paresthesia that you experience, plus a physical examination (including neurological / nerve examination) and investigations need to be done to establish the right diagnosis. Investigations such as blood laboratory, electromyography, MRI, or CT-scan may be needed if clinical symptoms are found that lead to a disease.

Handling and treatment given according to the disease found. You need to be aware if there are danger signs below that accompany a head paresthesia complaint:

History of head injury
Sudden visual impairment
Difficult to speak / pelo
Severe headaches accompanied by vomiting
Weakness in other limbs
The face is not symmetrical
Can not feel urinating / defecating

Immediately go to the nearest health facility if you experience the above. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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