Head Often Hit Hard Objects?

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Hello, I want to ask. my head often bumps into things like rocks, etc. so often it bumps. Do I need to have my head checked by a doctor? If necessary, to which doctor should I check my head?

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Need to be clear, how hard the intensity of the impact on your head you experience? Does it involve height or high speed? After hitting, do you experience severe complaints, for example vomiting, severe headaches, loss of consciousness, seizures, double vision, bleeding from the nose, mouth, or ears, and so on?

Not always a collision on the head reflects something dangerous. Frequently, if the intensity of the collision is mild, does not involve height or high speed, and after a collision, you also do not experience the danger signal above, the impact on the head is not dangerous. The bumps that you are experiencing may simply indicate inflammation in the head area outside the skull, such as the skin or muscles around it. This lump can improve with you applying warm compresses or ice cubes, accompanied by adequate rest, without the need for any treatment.

However, if the impact you experience is quite heavy, involves high altitude or high speed (such as a collision during a motor vehicle accident or far from altitude), or also causes you to experience severe complaints as we mentioned above, then you should be vigilant. It could be that the impact of your impact is more serious, for example causing intracranial bleeding, skull fractures or fractures, and so on. If you find this condition, immediately check with your doctor or neurologist to be further evaluated and given the best treatment in accordance with the severity of the impact you experience.

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