Head Spinning, Nausea And Dense Stomach And Body Aching?

Illustration of Head Spinning, Nausea And Dense Stomach And Body Aching?
Illustration: Head Spinning, Nausea And Dense Stomach And Body Aching? nursecepts.com

Good afternoon, I want to ask from yesterday, I felt my head spin, but dizzy just a few moments doang nausea and bloating, the body feels aching even to the gums, watery eyes, feet feel cold and congenital yawning continues to be like sleepiness. Do you want to take medication yet? What are you aware of, so I haven’t taken it, what is that symptom? Thank you

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Good afternoon Arsyi, thank you for asking on HealthReplies.com.

Read the complaints that you feel at this time, there are several possible conditions that can cause it, such as:

Dyspepsia syndrome
Virus infection
Lack of sugar
and others

Due to the possibility of quite a lot of causes, it is advisable to see a doctor. The doctor will conduct a further review of your complaint and physical condition, whether or not there are abnormalities found, and furthermore it may be that the doctor will ask you to do some additional tests to help determine the cause, such as blood tests and others depending on your doctor's decision. . After knowing the exact cause of your complaint, then the doctor will decide what appropriate therapy is given to you at this time to reduce these symptoms.

In the meantime, there are things you can try to do to help reduce complaints such as:

Take a break in between your activities
Eat foods that do not contain acidic or spicy foods
Avoid the consumption of coffee, soft drinks or alcohol
Avoid late eating
Start getting used to eating regularly every day
Consume enough drinking water every day
Get used to exercising in the future
Avoid stress
If you feel a complaint of dizziness / pain is very annoying you can try taking paracetamol medication according to the dosage listed, whereas if you feel bloating that is really bothering you, you can try taking antacid drugs to help reduce complaints according to the dosage on the packaging

Henceforth, follow your doctor's advice regarding therapy, lifestyle and time control to re-evaluate your treatment and physical condition

I hope this helps.

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