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Several nights this week I often experience headaches but the pain is moving at the top and bottom, initially in 2013 I had an accident and the lower right part of my head hit the pavement very hard until it was swollen, at that time there was no effect. After a few months later the pain arose and then it felt like an earthquake had occurred when I felt like I was going to faint so the story after 1 year my headache recurred until I was hospitalized because the pain felt like it was different from the doctor who handled me and in 2014 at that time I was sentenced to vertigo after for several years now you have felt the same pain but this pain has disappeared suddenly and can not be hit by shocks, it feels uncomfortable even if the medicine from the clinic doesn’t work, can vertigo be completely cured ,,,, thanks

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Hi Lussyana,

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A history of head injury is known to be one of the most common triggers for headaches and vertigo. In addition, vertigo can also arise due to other triggers, for example:

Inner ear disorders, for example: BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo); that is, a condition in which the canaliths (small calcium particles in the inner ear) develop Meniere's disease; namely a condition in which fluid accumulates and there is a change in pressure in the inner ear. Vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis; namely inflammation of the inner ear close to the auditory nerve caused by infection (often due to viruses) Brain disorders, such as strokes, tumors Side effects of drugs that damage ear function Migraines, etc. In most cases, vertigo can heal on its own without special treatment . This is because the brain is able to adapt well to balance disorders that arise. However, in some other conditions, further treatment is needed from a neurologist. Several therapeutic modalities that can be done to treat vertigo include:

Vestibular rehabilitation Canalith repositioning maneuvers Administration of drugs Surgery Determination of appropriate therapy to treat vertigo needs to be adjusted to the cause of the vertigo. And the cause of vertigo can be identified by direct examination of a doctor, assisted by several supporting tests, for example MRI, electronystagmography, or videonystagmography. Therefore, you should consult directly with a neurologist.

The following steps you can take to minimize the recurrence of headaches and vertigo:

Rest more regularly, don't stay up late Pay attention to your body position in movement, avoid changing positions that are too extreme and sudden If you have a headache or spinning that is severe enough, hold onto it and sit down to feel calmer, then ask for help from friends around you to prevent you from falling. Eat regularly and stay away from stress. Hopefully this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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