Headache Accompanied By A Curve In The Left Forehead?

Illustration of Headache Accompanied By A Curve In The Left Forehead?
Illustration: Headache Accompanied By A Curve In The Left Forehead? physioworks.com.au

Hy doc. I want to ask since 1 week lately I often experience successive headache problems and also on the left forehead I have a curve at the top of my forehead. May I know the cause and how to get rid of these curves?

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Hi Myraa,

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Headaches that do not heal for days can occur due to many factors, ranging from those originating from disorders of the head structure itself (for example migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches), or also from disorders of other organ systems (for example hypertension, viral or bacterial infections, hypercholesterolemia, hormonal fluctuations before menstruation, brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms, head injuries, etc.). This condition is mild in nature, but there is also a dangerous one so it needs to be treated quickly and precisely from the doctor.

The appearance of a curve in your forehead is not always a disorder. If this curve appears from birth, it could be that this condition occurs due to genetic variations in the growth of your skull bones. However, it could also be, the curve in your forehead arises due to other causes, for example post head injury, infection or other skin inflammation, keloid or hypertrophic scars, and so on.

You can check your complaint directly to a doctor or neurologist if you feel it is quite disturbing. Often, the doctor will first give you medication to relieve your headaches. However, if the complaint does not improve with drug administration, the doctor may also direct you to undergo an x-ray examination, CT scan, or other supporting tests. In this way also the cause of the curve of your forehead can be known.

At this time, for headaches to subside, you can take paracetamol first. Expand to rest and eat regularly so that headaches do not always recur and recur. Don't forget, calm your heart and mind, and avoid yourself from using excessive gadgets.

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