Headache Accompanied By Dark Vision (black), Especially When Waking Up From Sleep?

Illustration of Headache Accompanied By Dark Vision (black), Especially When Waking Up From Sleep?
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I am 15 years old. I have a lot of headaches, when I wake up from sleep my vision is often black, and a few days later something sticks out on the left side of my neck, then my throat hurts when I swallow. What is my pain, and how to treat it

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Headache accompanied by dark vision (black), especially when you wake up from sleep, often indicates hypotension (low blood pressure). This condition occurs when your blood pressure drops to less than 90/60 mmHg. The causes can vary, from dehydration, heart problems (such as heart valve disorders, heart attacks, heart failure), hormonal disorders (eg Addison's disease, diabetes), to neurological disorders (eg Parkinson's disease, amyloidosis, Lewy body dementia). Each of these conditions can cause the heart's compensation to increase its work when the body changes its position against gravity to become less than optimal. As a result, the blood supply to the brain is reduced, and headaches and dark vision develop. Alternatively, complaints will arise accompanied by a sensation of giddiness, weakness, lightheadedness, mental confusion, nausea, and even decreased consciousness. In the medical realm, this condition is also known as orthostatic hypotension.

In addition, headaches and dark vision can also occur due to other causes, such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), anemia (low blood hemoglobin), migraines (primary headache that feels throbbing, occurs due to neurovascular disorders in the brain), injury. head, brain tumor, cerebral aneurysm, and so on.

Meanwhile, a lump in the left neck and appears accompanied by sore throat, especially when swallowing, can occur due to several factors, the most common being inflammation of the throat and tonsils (tonsillopharyngitis). This condition most likely appears to be related to infection, it could be due to viruses, bacteria, or fungi. In addition, irritation of the throat, allergies, reflux of stomach acid, and malignancy can also exacerbate complaints. This condition, apart from causing the throat to feel sore, can also cause the tonsils to become inflamed, giving rise to lumps on the back side of the oral cavity. The lymph nodes around the neck and under the jaw can also swell and form a lump. Not only that, coughs, phlegm in the throat, hoarseness, fever, muscle and joint pain, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, and various other complaints are also common. It is also possible that, the lump on the left neck and sore throat that you experience arises from other triggers, for example peritonsillar abscess, lymphadenitis due to other causes, skin infections, enlarged thyroid gland, other benign or malignant tumors, and so on.

It's best if you have repeated complaints very often, you don't let them drag on. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or specialist in internal medicine in order to be given the best management. Several further tests, including laboratory tests, heart records, ultrasound, X-rays, biopsy, etc. can also be done.

You can try the following initial treatments:

Take paracetamol to reduce pain in the head and throat
When going to wake up from sleep or sit down, make it a habit not to hurry, but to do it slowly
Drink enough water
Also eat regularly, accompanied by consumption of fruits and vegetables
Get plenty of exercise
Do not squeeze or massage the lump that appears on the neck
Brush your teeth regularly and continue to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash
Get more rest

Hope it helps ..

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