Headache Accompanied By Nausea And Tightness Until Concentration Decreases And Difficulty Sleeping?

It’s been 3 days I was like a dazed person since Monday I had a terrible headache accompanied by nausea and chest tightness on the 2nd and 3rd day (today my head is a bit heavy) everytime someone asks me doesn’t concentrate after a few minutes the person leaves then I understand what they mean it. My sleeping hours are above 10 pm sometimes until 3 am I often experience insomnia

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Dazed complaints accompanied by severe headaches accompanied by nausea and tightness can arise, one of which is due to increased blood pressure or what is commonly known as hypertension, and one of the risk factors for hypertension is lack of rest and insomnia.

Increased blood pressure causes the heart to work harder to supply blood throughout the body. High blood pressure causes complications in the brain, eyes, heart, stomach, kidneys and other target organs. Manifestations of these complications include stroke, blindness, heart attacks, and kidney failure.

You should check with an Internal Medicine Specialist. The doctor will perform an examination to determine the cause of the complaint you feel.

Various factors can cause insomnia, including stress, anxiety, health problems, a lifestyle of smoking and taking drugs, to environmental factors. Try to minimize the factors that cause insomnia and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, consult your insomnia complaints along with the complaints you feel above to the doctor.

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