Headache Accompanied By Nausea For 5 Days?

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Good afternoon, I am via. Oh, it’s been 5 days since my head is very dizzy, accompanied by nausea, and when there is a loud noise, the dizziness will get worse. I have tried taking drugs that contain ibuprofen and paracetamol, but as if the pain does not go away. Usually the duration of the pain is about half an hour to one hour. And in that day sometimes it hurts 4 times. I guess that’s why, and what medication should I take? Please inform me, thank you

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Dizziness and nausea, especially when hearing loud sounds, can be part of a migraine. Many experts suspect this condition occurs related to neurovascular disorders in the brain and its interactions with trigeminal nerves which can be triggered by one of them by sensory stimuli, for example when you are exposed to noise, lightening, or excessive pungent odors. Not only that, hormonal fluctuations, consumption of alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, stress, changes in sleep patterns, physical fatigue, changes in weather, consumption of foods preserved or containing a lot of salt and flavorings, late eating, to the side effects of certain drugs can also trigger migraines. In addition to dizziness and nausea, migraines can also make you feel throbbing pain, glare, vomiting, stiff jaw and neck, and many other complaints.

Not only migraines, other conditions, such as viral or bacterial infections (including ear infections, digestive infections, respiratory infections), dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), cluster headaches, anemia, hypoglycemia, somatoform disorders, pre menstrual syndrome, signs of pregnancy, and so on can also spark your complaints at this time.

To be clear and given the best treatment, you can check yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist. At home, ease your complaint in the following way:

Taking paracetamol if dizziness feels very disturbing
Don't eat too late
Don't over-eat spicy, gassed, coconut milk and sour foods
Do not also drink excessive caffeinated drinks, especially alcoholic
Sleep early and regularly
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs
Don't stress too much
Don't overexert physical activity
Take time to exercise, at least 30 minutes 1-3 days
Always live a healthy lifestyle
Avoid being in a noisy environment first

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