Headache Accompanied By Vomiting Of Blood?

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Good night. It’s about the illness of my 25-year-old wife. Already 3 years ago, the illness that he suffered was not cured even though he had already seen a doctor and was advised to take this medicine and also recovered. The pain is a strong headache, and accompanied by blood coming out of the mouth. Then when blood comes out of the mouth, the pain in his head gradually recovers. But my wife did not feel unwell or have a fever. When it hurts, it comes. Thank you, please explain.

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Hello Al Diaz,

Thank you for the question.

Headaches can be caused by many things, depending on the duration of the headache, how many times it has been like this, the part of the head that hurts (one side / both sides), and the accompanying symptoms such as tingling, like being tied, or having a severe headache, become sensitive to light, facial pain, watery eyes / nose, and triggers for headaches (activity, light, and stress).

Common causes of headaches:

 Migraine. Tension type headache, or tension type headache, which feels like a rope tied to the head, and radiates to the neck. Cluster type headache, or severe headache marked by watery eyes / nose. Hypertension. Infections, such as infections in the brain, brain membranes, sinusitis, or dental infections. Glaucoma. Brain tumor. Basically headaches are not dangerous and can be treated with pain medications. But if there are complaints such as fever, chills, weight loss, severe nausea / vomiting, including blood loss, loss of consciousness, sudden symptoms, and changes in headache patterns, you can come to consult a neurologist, because there may be possible causes the more serious. The doctor will do a physical examination including nerve and brain functions, and supporting examinations such as a CT scan of the head to find out disorders in the head structure, or with an electroencephalogram to find out the cause of your headache.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions that your wife can do at home:

 Pay attention and note the factors that affect headaches. Perform good stress management. Improve lifestyle. Hope this helps ...


dr. Talitha

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