Headache And Blurred Vision When Standing After Sitting?

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i am 18 years old. so every time I stand up after sitting down my head hurts and my vision becomes blurred for a while and then return to normal after a few minutes standing, why is that?

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There are complaints of headaches after sitting and blurred vision and then back to normal for a while, this is likely influenced by changes in blood pressure when you change positions. If your position changes are sudden and rapid, sometimes changes in blood pressure can affect your comfort in doing activities and movements, so that sometimes it causes blood supply to the center of the body's system to decrease, which in turn causes complaints of temporary headaches, blurred vision of some time, dizziness for a moment , or the body feels weak for some time. All of this is related to the balance of your blood supply to changes in blood pressure that occur. This is also called orthostatic hypotension. This pressure change can reach 20 mmHg systolic pressure or 10mmHg diastolic pressure on blood pressure measurements.

Patients with changes in blood pressure when changing positions can feel other complaints, such as:

 Trembling fatigue Dizziness palpitations Cold sweat Nausea One or several complaints can be felt together, and if the complaints have not improved after some time, it is necessary to further evaluate the associated complaints and accompanying clinical signs.

If you feel this complaint often, it is necessary to conduct an evaluation and reassessment of your habitual and health conditions that can trigger this complaint, such as:

 Anemia Lack of sleep Dehydration, such as when you have diarrhea Suffering from early symptoms of illness, such as fever or colds Fever Bleeding Stress Intake or suboptimal energy intake Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes Digestive disorders All the above possibilities need to be evaluated independently or together with a doctor You. If this complaint recurs frequently, and you find it difficult to ascertain the trigger factor, then asking your family doctor or your intern doctor will be able to help you identify the triggers and causes of this complaint.

The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the course of this complaint, as well as your habits. Next, a physical examination and support will be carried out to help ascertain the cause. The results of the examination will be the reference of care and treatment for you,

For now, several things you need to pay attention to, such as:

 Avoid stress Avoid sleeping late at night Avoid physical fatigue Avoid consuming drugs without doctor's instructions Avoid alcohol or cigarettes Avoid spicy foods, and instant So the info we can convey.

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