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Sorry before I want to ask, I have symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath when after walking like climbing stairs or running and sometimes after that headache arises what symptoms are included?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Conditions easily tired, shortness of breath and headaches can arise due to several possible conditions, including:

Low blood pressure
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Heart disease

And other possibilities also depend on the results of the examination. Our advice, check yourself to the doctor because you need to be checked if you have risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, frequent inhalation of cigarette smoke, overweight, rarely exercise and the like that can lead to certain disease conditions. In addition, it is also necessary to find out what the results of physical examination such as blood pressure, heart rate, and hemoglobin levels, then after that can be determined the best treatment of your condition.

But given the current condition of Indonesia, which is being attacked by corona outbreaks, you should also help assess your condition. If indeed your complaint is disturbing enough, then no problem to immediately see a doctor. But if not, better at home first, multiply the consumption of water, adequate rest, avoid staying up late, routinely wash hands, avoid cigarettes, consumption of high nutritional foods such as vegetables and fruit, and regular exercise according to ability. So, hopefully answering your question.

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