Headache, Chills Without Fever And Lumps In The Neck?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. All of the symptoms that you say, which are severe headaches, weakness and lumps, are most likely not related to each other, especially since each symptom has its own path. For example, for headaches, among the possible common diseases are:

· Migraine

Tense headaches

· Cluster headaches

· High blood pressure

Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus cavities

· Minus increased eyes

As for weakness, dark vision and so on, it could be due to indeed low blood pressure, anemia or lack of blood, low blood sugar levels, lack of fluids or so forth. Then for lumps, it could be due to lymph nodes, lipomas, skin infections, mumps, and many other possibilities. If you want to put together, the chances are smaller, like you have a migraine that is triggered by fatigue, which at one time you are exhausted and make your immune system weakened, so you become susceptible to disease and it makes your lymph nodes swell. So you experience headaches, fatigue and lumps in your armpits at the same time. But conclusions like these should not be drawn without first checking because there are so many possibilities that they are not related.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult with your neurologist about the headaches that you experience, because in our opinion this is the most disturbing symptom and the diagnosis must be confirmed immediately, then other symptoms. It is necessary to clarify things like measuring blood pressure to find out if you really have low blood pressure. Your doctor will do a history and a brief physical examination, as well as support such as CT scans and MRI to be able to see trends. The handling you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection.

In the meantime, try to look for triggers from your headaches, whether it is lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, lots of thoughts, cigarette smoke, etc. and try to avoid as much as possible. You may take over-the-counter painkillers by first reading the rules of use listed. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. So, hopefully answering your question.

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