Headache, Fever And Sweaty Palms?

Illustration of Headache, Fever And Sweaty Palms?
Illustration: Headache, Fever And Sweaty Palms? Bing

My doctor wants to ask. My child often has headaches, recently with hot body and sweaty palms, what symptoms do you think it is?

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Hi Ms. Nurani,

Thanks for asking HealthReplies.com. We will answer your questions. However, it is necessary to clarify how old your child is, what triggered your child's complaints, did the complaints go away on their own or after certain actions, and did anyone in your family experience the same thing?

In general, headaches can be caused by fatigue, low blood sugar levels, impaired vision (blurred eyes), or other accompanying diseases such as dengue fever, typhoid fever and malaria.

If you have a thermometer at home, you should take your child's temperature. Often when parents feel the child's body is hot, it doesn't necessarily mean he has a fever. A fever is said if the child's temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, which can be caused by bacterial, viral, parasitic infection or due to dehydration or lack of fluids.

Usually a person will sweat when exercising, nervous, restless, anxious, or feverish. However, in people with hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands work more actively so that sweat is produced even in a resting state.

However, if the complaint does not subside or is increasingly interfering with your child's activities, you should immediately consult a doctor, ma'am. the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination to find out the cause and whether these complaints are related to each other or not. You will also find out the best treatment for your child.

Here I attach an article about sweat on the hands. may be useful :

Don't worry, sweaty hands are usually normal

sweaty palms myth


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